Organic Food

“You are what you eat” as the saying goes. So if you eat the purest, freshest best food you can be healthy and feel great. Organic food can offer you a wonderful taste, an ample supply of healthy nutrition, and a chance to keep yourself out of the doctor’s office except for regular check-ups. Certified organic food is grown under good conditions that keep pesticides, genetically modified foods, and other chemicals away from the organic food. Organic food is supposed to be superior in many ways to conventional vegetables and other food.

When you buy an organic vegetable let us say green leafy lettuce, the farmer and everyone after has taken great care to deliver you a fresh food that is just what you think it is supposed to be a green leafy lettuce. A green leafy lettuce full of the excellent nutrition it is supposed to have. You will not taste a gasoline aftertaste, or any chemical residue of any kind. Chemicals are toxic to our body and some farmers for years have gotten away from using chemicals to keep food fresh, and keep bugs away, but these chemicals are harmful over time to us. Cancer has been on the upswing for years. In order to ward off cancer you have to keep your body free from chemicals and nourished with the purest foods you can find. This is another major reason why organic food exists.

Every vegetable has a wonderful taste. You have to find the vegetables that you like the most. All you have to do is buy an organic vegetable of your liking and a conventional one, like maybe a tomato. Eat both and compare the taste. Organic food has a much fuller flavor of the vegetable. You will notice also that organic foods have much richer colors as well. You will tend to just eat a fresh raw organic vegetable without needing any sauce, because it taste like something. Sauces, butters, and more can add up calorie wise, but with organic vegetables and foods you will enjoy the taste so much you don’t need to add the extra sauce.

Organic food can help keep your weight down. If you eat all organic food including your grains, and other foods you are getting much richer nutrition per bite which keeps your body fully nourished. You will not be interested in snacking as much if you feel nourished. When you eat foods full of filler, they taste great at first but then leave you starving for the proper nutrition you need. Organic food helps you stay nourished.

Organic food may cost a few extra dollars, but if you try for six weeks to eat a little less, spend less on extra foods that you don’t necessarily need and eat organic, you will see that your grocery bill can be almost the same eating organic. You may have to change what you eat a bit, but it is worth trying to go organic for six weeks, and see how it goes. To feel the best of course you want to exercise at least twenty minutes a day and eat organic meals three times a day. It is important to drink good water as well.

There is no need to overdue the organic food. You still can just eat regular meals say three times day. Say for example, organic fruit and yogurt in the morning with some organic toast with organic butter. Then lunch can be organic chicken with an organic salad. You can eat some organic nuts mid-day. You can have an organic cup of coffee with organic almond milk or regular organic milk. Then for dinner try organic beef, with organic rice, and an organic vegetable. The best goal is to eat mostly organic, you do not have to worry if not everything is organic. Do the best you can.


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